take #1 my home story

here my home story, it's from my stardoll blog. hope you like it and ever if you don't like it i don't get why you're here then.

Well now something about me. Don't like it? step a side please, let me true, so I can ditch that person of my site. Well I'm called Lianne, friends call me Liann so please do if you don't mind. I'm 15 years young ^^  but loved to be 18. can't wait. I've blonde hair with black pieces in it and like that isn't enough I have a black lock on the front, Why? Because I love it! soon I can play Bassguitar  because Soon I'll get lessons. I love music, especially rock, poprock, pop or British poprock, Yes there is a difference between them all and no I'm not gonna tell you.My hobbies are playing (in American) girls soccer and (in English) football for girls, I really love it and I'm good at it. I also do gymnastics but I'm going to knock that off because my friends knocked it off too and now it's bored. Instead for that I'm going to play Bassguitar. What I also got to say is that I especially love McFly

take #2 another said try to tell you who i am

an another typ over story from my stardoll blog. sorry for the rude words in it, that is how i am.

Well I'm not a perfect girl, no one is so whatever.You see my hair is always a mess and I always spill a lot of things.I'm pretty clumsy, just like Fergie. And most of the time I have a broken heart Sometimes I fight with my friends but who cares about that. They all think where Sluts .Every day is a new horror story and I may to play the head character, so every thing goes wrong.But when I start to think about it and take a little step back, I remember how amazing my life is,You know I'm pretty proud of it. So I think I'm quite fond of being IMPERFECT, I don't care if you don't believe me Fxckers. Because I'm a young spoiled female. Who is crazy and wild enough to be pound at that she is. Why? Well darling I'm gonna tell you something shocking,

life IS short and you can't be young for ever.

take #3 what i love and hate & other

again i'm sorry for the rude words that is how i am 


 McFly and all his members, Boys who skate and Rock, Ex-Busted, Son Of Dork (SOD), James bourne him self, Alex Pettyfer, Lil' Chris, playing Bassguitar, sims 2, being on stardoll giving my oppinoin, say the word Bitches and Wicked. Emo guys (there hot), emo kids at all (they have cool hair and stuff), black, white and grey clothes, painting my hair, listen to music, do what very I want to do without lisening to others, don't giving a Fxck about others, dreaming, decorating my room (real life), tatoo's and piercings, playing Football (see other discription above), going out to see my friends, enoing other people, i'd like a lot more but it won't come in my head now.



Dutch music, matter in fact all music that belongs to the other 97% ( see other discription down), Bitches, arrogant people ('cause I wnna be the only one), people who think Í'm fake, Fakers at all, pink(the collor), valentine, my best friends, a computer that doesn't do his job, people who enoing me, studieng, homework, tests, school at all, french, german, and black people (they freak me out) don't understand me wrong! i won't be a rasist but I think they look creepy, they scare me, not that they can't be nice or something! and i can't speak french and there arrogant, and I just don't like germans. wel I hate baseball, softball, handball, waterpolo, batminton,polo and horseriding what a useless sports! well that was it for now maybe later more. 

And now something else, your gonna be more shocked than you where of my story. 97% Of the teenage populations has moves on to R&B, Reggae, Rap, JumpStyle &d other shit. It's just shocking that where with so less! Now read on please, still polite. 3% Stayed With Rock, Punk &d Pop!Yeah where with 3%. told you it would be shocking!