said person

11:22, SunDay, 8 Juni 2008


I'm a bit pissed of becouse someone thinks he's funny to send me messages from this site with notthing in it. Today I had to delete Something like 12 mails. Well if you think your funny YOU'RE NOT!. And That is the reson why I closed the Guestbook. I'm kinda sick of it that I had to delete everyday those e-mails. I'm sorry for the People Who really whrote something. But some people can't leave it to scruew everything. WELL CRONGARTULATION YOU DID IT.

I Hope you're  proud of yourself at least you'll be the only one.



11:42, Monday, 19 may 2008

It's been a while but I'm back. at first I had Tentams well those I made good. Then I had vacation and good whether so I was outside and I had to work for the first time in my life.

Like it couldn't get worse our computer went away for like 2 weeks so I coun't do anything accept being bored. And the Next two weeks I have Exams, Tomorrow Dutch witch isn't difficult so I don't have tostudy for it. but thursday I have math!! witch is dufficult So I had to Study Soon. Well after those two weeks I'm Going to PARIS!!!!

I'm soo exidet about that one. and then I have vacation. YEAY.  Rember that I told you guys about that guy I met on hyves? Well I really like him. but he's got a girlfriend HELP ME what should i do. you know i'm verry shy but with him I feel converdince and I don't want to rue what we got. But i also like a guy from my class, I don't know if he likes me too  I hope he does. hahaha well i'm afraid he will turn me down. We'll see what will happen. He's also going to paris ...

you'll get a report from when I'm back! Prommise,

Love Liann

Ps. got a nice music of you. i heard it on tv and it sounds funny.


21:08, Tuesday, 8 April, 2008


I Don't know what to do. I have the feeling that I wanna kill myself but i don't want to die. and believe me i'm not killing myself but i would if i could. but i can't.  I have also better news. You can find me soon in PARIS.

I also have a Summerjob. today I had a job interview and they hired me ^^. But I'm verry bussy with school at the moment. Soon I have Exams And I don't do a thing at school but at home I do allot. tomorrow i have a math test and english speaking test or something. but i don't have to worry i speak english perfectly. if I know the words. xD

Well Today someone started about this site or something like it. My friends don't know about this becouse I think they don't have to know whats in my head. and if they really wanna know they should read this but they don't have to botter me with it. i'll hate them even more. Well I'm gonna make a little picture for this collum thing. and looking if she who talked about this site is online at msn. asking about what she realy ment with it.

xx. Liann

what a day.

20:22, Saturday, 29 march, 2008

hello again,

it's bin a while and ever but i had stuff to do and ever. i've met an guy who's verry nice. he like kinda the same things i like and ever. a long story how we know each other. never seen each other in real life xD. met on hyves.

Well today i played football (soccer) again. but we lost. We did fine just till ten minutes bevore the end. we kinda lost it and they scored two goal in like five minutes. We lost with 2-4. Better luck next time.

i'm really bored and really don't know what i had to tell you guys. Oh there is something shocking hapend. a friend of me who i see when i go out, has had an accident friday. she's in hospital and they keep her in sleep. becouse she broke her cheek and that is operated and other she would have too much pain or something. an dshe broke her arm and lost some theeth. it's really said.

have to go, xx.Liann

gonna watch the movie princes diary two or something. (reclame,reclame)

happy easter every one!

15:42, Monday, 24 march, 2008

happy easter you guys.

if i had to be honest. i don't like easter. but my opinion again. We always have to go to the familie and it's always so hacktic or something.

Well got also better news. I'm done with the avril lavigne part. So you guys an see/hear &d read that later, Tonight we have how we call it here and easter fire. that means there is allot of wood at one place an you burn it up. and you put black stuff ( wich you get from the wood stuff) on your face and you have fun with your friends & stuff.

have to go now,
xx. Liann

ps. the stupid easter picture won't load right now you'll see it later.

Soo happy

16:34, wednesday, 19 march, 2008

hi guys!!

i'm soo happy. findely the part of mcfly is done. all the pictures wouldn't load and for a second i was pissed off but i got it done. about an half hour i have to go to my next bass guitar lessons, but first an little snack :) 

school was boring but funny today our theatcher biology showt us a pig heart and who it looked inside. some of them all most trow-up!! haha it was veryy funny. Today i had also Math again. but we could go on the computer, witch makes it a less worse. than in is in real. just have to hang 2 more months on this school and i have vacation while all those other people still have to go! haha and you can find me in the weekend of 30 may in PARIS. yes people i'm giong there with my school. something usefull about doing your exams.

have to go now, oh! and an picture of Dougie poynter from McFly. i love him. 

 xx Liann  

A long long time ago, i can still remember

18:42, Tuesday, 18 march, 2008

hello you people!

Still know me? that girl who used to type on this site? Well i'm back. And i'm not alone. I got an new page!! YEAY.               eerm how do i tell you my exuse. Well i was veryy bussy, I went looking to my new school, couse soon i'll do EXAMS. and i have to go to an another school after that. Well ofcourse I played allot on my guitar, (soon there be an picture). becouse i can play a song allready. it's named With or without you from U2. ^^

Today i got an letter from the KNVB. Football. If i would come to one of the girlfootballdays. WELL OF COURSE!!          allmost signt in. what to tell more.... our little pup is bigger now. and he jumped in my popcorn, verry funny if you rea it now but then it wasn't altough, no it just wasn't. gotta hang now make that page i prommest you.

xx. Liann

first lesson

17:53, thursday, 6 march, 2008

hi foges!

yesterday i had it verry bussy, at first i came from school, and then i had like 2 hours to learn my economic becouse today i  had a test about that. After that I had to go to my first Bassguitar lesson!!! and it was verry cool. i also rent one and that is on my room. it's a wonderfull one, it's black so it's always good ^^. 

Today i hear what we are going to do on or CKV-day. it's called that becouse it means Art and Culture Subjects. in english you would call it ACS-day ;) Well you couldn't chose those super subjects and now i'm all alone without someone of my class! not that that is an bad thing but whatever. gonna stop now have to do some more stuff and then... SIMS2!!

xx Liann

It's over &d now i don't know.

15:25, tuesday, 4 march, 2008

hello you readers.vacation is over. i don't like that fackt becouse i had to go to school agian. And yesterday it was raining when I went to school on my loveing bike. Every month there is something wrong about it. most of the time the weels. but whatever. I became weta school and i had PE as first hour. Like it couldn't be better. Normaly I like PE but when your wett it's no fun. And about the message under this one, When i typed it i didn't know if it was publisht becouse my internet crashed. And I had to close it.

And the little reason why i didn't typed any thing the last day was becouse my new sims 2 games. i got one of a friend form my little sister and i put it on yesterday. Tomorow is i got my first lesson Bassguitar and i'm verry exited to it. can't wait till tomorow evening! Well what can i tell you more.... Oh! I know, I got a 6 on my test math, I told you bevore i Fxckt it up but I'm verry happy with a 6! Here in the Netherlands you get a mark from 1 (lowest) till 10 ( highest) and i got a 6! Their where only 2 people who had higher then me! the rest of my class really Fuxkt it up and the teacher wasn't really happy today XD. But going to stop now. WOW what a story. didn't know i could type that mutch XD. But i have to study again. tomorow test Dutch and thursday one from economic. and i can't study when i'm having my first Bass guitar lesson or when i'm at football training. maybe i skip the last one. What! did I just type that, eeermm i will go to all ! really i will.

bye for now.

xx Liann


20:38, thursday, 28 februari, 2008

hey, hey

Let's do it how the sweedish people ay hi to each other.  I've bin there on vacation for like 6 years now. And this year will be the last. Next year i'll be going to AUSTRALIA <3. I can't wait till next year! But this year will be exiting to, as always! Well today is my dad's birthday but he doesn't cellebrate. we went to diner. And my grandpa's and grandmom are comming. One of my grandparents is here allready. So I had to go.

Bye Liann.

ps. I've played the whole day sims2 freetime! it's awsome!


12:02, wednesday, 27 februari, 2008

Hello again.

In the afternoon i'm going to shop, gonna buy new clothes and ofcourse findely my new sims 2 game. I've been telling you already three days but now I findely will get it. and I think soon I'll get an new mobilephone. My mom said she would have mine and my little brother gets hers so i get an new one yeay! Well it's out. Now only convince my father and I'm there. I'm thinking of what Icould tell you guys more, Inow my life is boring ;). I now  a funny story again. We have a little bird outside our house. Witch is verry enoing becouse it's tikking all day to our window and you will think there is somone in frond of the door. witch isn't! a view days ago Iwas watching tv with my little sister and the bird came by again. She asked me for a pillow, witch i gave her becouse I thought she would cover her ears. But when the bird came she true the pillow to the window so the bird would ga away! Well it worked the bird is now tikking in frond of my computer! And that is not cool!

Gotta go, making me ready for shopping and ever.

Love, Liann

Getting nuts

11:35, tuesday, 26 februari, 2008


i thinki'm getting nuts in here, our dog won't get in his bensh and if he had to he is making so mutch nois, not normal anymore! yesterday it went on till half past 12 midnight ! and now he's in his bensh again becouse he had to. and he won't stop. sometimes it's quiet but that doesn't take long or... Well there is also good news, he is verry cute and every thing. if i had a picture i would put it on, but i' sorry i don't have. today i'm going hunting for sims 2 expantion games. i just need a view so i'm gonna call a view people to ask if i can borow them. and i'm going to ask my mom if we can go to the city, i live between farmers and every, 2 km away form the village and 13 from the closest city. and there i can buy an new expenetion package. i think it's called something with sparetime. yesterday i didn't typ a message. i know i was to bussy doing sims 2 and playing with the dog. that was it for now.

Speak you , going to get the dog out of the bensh, or how ever you may spell it.

xx, Liann

New Dog

11:15, Sunday, 24 februari, 2008

heyhey you you!

haha, i thought i can put hello again, but that is so normal. let's do a part of the song Girlfriend from avril lavigne.             About now an like an half hour i have a new dog ! i told you guys yesterday already a bit  so i can't give you new inforation. and i'm a bit inpiration less so this is gonna be a short part. all most al the people i know are on vacation to the snow. becouse here in holland you don't got snow, only rain rain and more rain, and sometimes if you lucky you get the sun. but yesterday evening i was watching the news with my parents and they told on the tv that there was only more rain comming. wel have a nice holliday ( i alsways say vacation be couse i don't know how to spell holliday XD )  I'm going to quit now. Dog is comming. my mom, dad and my little brother and sister ( both youger than me ) are getting him. they left when i was just outta bed and start my breakfast, that is why i'm not whith them.

xoxo, Liann

Not that down anymore

12:09, saturday, 23 februari, 2008

hello again,

Well it's allot better now, yesterday a was a bit down. Well everyone has those days! Totday my football match has blown off, but can't help it. We will do it on another day, So it can be a good match.

I'm Looking forward to tomorow, We will get our new dog! it's and Jack Russel and his name will be Duvel. becouse it is one. It will be an three-collor, witch you don't see often. i'm also verry exited to wednesday 5 (looking up how you whrite it) March, becouse i'm getting my first Bass guitar lesson. Well i have vacation now for a week so that is nice. and.. thinking what i can tell you guys more... i think i'm going to buy myself a new comutergame or something.

Well that was it for today, or for now,

Speak you guys soon, (see is an bit imposible)  Liann,

Only you will understand

19:23, Friday, 22 februari, 2008

hello you people,

it's me Liann, well would be weird if I wasn't. but whatever. and i told you guys i would typ daily something about my oh so famous life, just spelt it wrong again. and so here is you daily update, 

My school sucks! really i hate it. you shouldn't think it but really, you see they see it as a funny game. making fun of me becouse i love rock music and i dress in skater clothes, not ever always but when i do it's direct there, they start to call me rocker and if i'm wearing one clove or something else they think it's weird they thick your a FREAK and ever. Well let me live my life and do what ever i want to do. they so totally don't understand what i think, do, and don't do. and they think i'm weird becouse i don't speak allot in real life. i just don't have to spreak to them, they pretend to be you friends but they are just Fxcking fakers. matter in fackt i hate my friends is that weird?? yeah it really is. now you can say, maybe your weird. we i gues so, but are you weird when your emo and just lisen to rock music, does that really make you weird ?? from now on Fxck them i'm gonna live my life it's good with them.

FXCK you guys!

xoxo, Liann 


New page!

me again!                                                                                                                                                                                16:08, 21 februari, 2008

the message above was too short, but i had too someone was watching over me! i don't like the idea that they read it while i'm typing so now you know why! well like i said above i fxckt up my test of math, it was so difficult. but i was not the only one! matter in fact everyone blown it! and at school was no fun today, a father of a kind died. and allmost everyone cryed. i know it's no fun but common, it won't help her if every one is crieing or how ever you may spell it. it's not my strongest point. well i've made also a new page! you can read my life story at that one, will be easayer to understand me and ever, well gotta hang!

See Yah , Liann

@ school now

Hi foges !                                                        10:30, thursday, 21 februari, 2008 

i'm at my school now, but don't have to do anything. that is life.  no kidding well let me think what can i tell you more . Oh yeah, thats right, i fxckt up my test have to go... type more at home...

See You Guys Liann 

Layout worked! Isn't it wonderfull

Me again!                                                                                                                                            17:50 Wednesday, 20 February, 2008

yeayyeayeay! Can you see it? I can I can I can! my layout is there ! Wauw i really like it :) my own freakshow with in the centre of all myself! haha, no i'm really proud at it. this will be the shortest paragraph thing ever!                                                    you see it's already over now.  and enjoy the youtube film from avril lavigne, lisen to her song right now, it's a nice song. Really gonna stop now have to do my home work math, tomorow i've a test and i have to pass from myself. and other i can't go to football.   

See You Guys, Liann 

Can't change the Damn Layout.

hello people!                                                                                                                                           17:40 Wednesday, 20 February, 2008

welcome to my site! At first i've made a wonderfull Lay out. unfortually the site thought difrend about it, and now i can't upload it. it's not cool. well here i'll tell you something about me and why i'm making this site and ever. Well my name is : Lianne, please begging you call me Liann, Well I hate to say Begging you because it sounds stupid! And i don't know how to write it, so if it's wrong, don't blame me. Well i live in holland, but i wanna move when i'm older to England. Becouse i Love it. Gonna try the layout again and other i'm gonna smash my computer.

See You Guys, Liann